Sumukh started his first Violin lessons at avery young age of 4 under Vid Dr.R.Raghuram and was put under the legendary violinist Late Vid. H.V.Krishnamurthy, Late Vid. H.V. Raghu of Vijaya College of music, Bangalore. Presently continuing his further lessons from Vid. Shankar Rajan. He plays on both Acoustic violin (4strings) and Electric violin (5 strings).

Achievements of Sumukh Chandra

He is the Proud Inventor and a Designer of an Instrument called "STICKOLIN" onto which he has solely designed and built his own piezoelectric pickup system which consists of an onboard Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for an advanced sound modelling of his newly made instrument and shares a design patent with Alfred Richards for the same.

Has done Extensive research on topics such as Equations of Tambura shruthi, Non Tonal Harmonics and Membrane Acoustics, Acoustic Signal Processing,Neuroacoustics, Brain wave music and Analysis of generation of Chapu on the Indian Tonal Drum (Mrudangam) and has got wide appreciation by renowned artists and critics.

His lecture demonstrations and research presentations on the inter-relation of Carnatic music and technology was witnessed by Dr. T.V Sairam, (President of NADA center for music therapy, Delhi) and has been widely appreciated. Some of the prestigious venues of his talks includes IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Delhi and has four IEEE recognized and published papers to his credit.

He has Completed Junior and Senior Grade Exams with High marks conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Board. His performances includes places like Bangalore Gayana Samaja, Ramanavami Ramotsava (Fort High School Ground), Junior Violin Festival(Sri Lanka), television reality shows.

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