Bharath started his flute (Bansuri) lessons under the guidance of Vid. Jayprakash at an age of 14. Later started higher education in Hidustani classical music under Surmani Pravin Godkhindi. For his Carnatic classical layakari lessons he is been learning under Vid. Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma.

Achievements of Bharath Aatreyas

"Young achiever" award winner from Vijaya institute.

Part of the World's First "Flute Symphony" organised and directed by "Surmani" Pravin Godkhindi. This was one of a kind of an opportunity where Bharath drew attention of the many.

Has performed more than over 1000 concerts all over India in venues like Bombay,Goa, Delhi,Hampi Utsava, Chitradurga Utsava, Tirupathi unjala seva, Dasara Utasava, Mysore Ganesha Utsava, Dharmasthala Karthika Deepotsava, Sringeri Dasara, Udupi Krishnajanmashtami etc.

He has wide experience and close relationship of performing with versatile artists in Talavadya Kacheri, Western Jazz, Filmy and Light music.

His performances have been telecasted on many TV and radio shows, worked with many of the famous music directors like V.Manohar, Jhonson and have had great chances of accompanying great singers like Puttur Narasimha Nayak, Yeshwant halibandi, Shimogga Subbana, Shankar Shanbhog.

He has also performed with many eminent bands of various Genres across India like Layalavanya (led by Vid. Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma), Samaagama (led by Vid. Anoor Anantha Krishna Sharma and Vid.Tirumalai Srinivas).

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